Friday, 16 December 2016

So You Think You can Rule The World

Dear Friends,

Thirty years ago, we, three friends graduated from the same college. We were very much alike. We all were better than average students.
Like all other graduates we were also filled with ambitions, desires and dreams for the future. Everyone of us wanted to scale the heights.
Within one and a half year we got our stuff. One of us joined the State Electricity Board as a clerk. I joined the bank too as a clerk.
the third joined his father in business-a very small retail shop.
Then we lost in the hubbub of the world. No news of anyone for the last 20 years.
Suddenly we all were together again in a function arranged by the college for old students.
We were still very much alike. We were happily married, have children and were enjoying life like anything.
But there was a difference. A lot of difference. The friend who joined the State Electricity board as a clerk was still a clerk. I had also joined the bank as a clerk but rose to the position of a Senior Manager.
The third friend was totally different. He has become a business tycoon-a member of elite class of society. Big name, Big cars, Big house and a business turnover of more than 100 crores.
You will also be wondering as I am. What makes this type of difference in people's lives? You will wonder, it is not the intelligence or the talent. You also cannot say that one person wants success and the others not.
The difference lies is what every person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge.
We both were anxious to know what made our friend so successful.
After the function, we all three sat at the place where we usually used to gather. I asked him the secret of his immense success. What he told I collected all and put it in the form of a book for all of you enabling you to follow the principles of success, our friend followed and succeeded.
In his words success does not come overnight and easy.
The book, "
"So You Think You Can Rule the World"
The book is now available on
"So You Think You Can Rule the World" is a book for you to steal.
A small investment of $4.99 in your life.
PS: The main purpose my collection of his principles is, so that:
You can also follow them and live life of your dreams and desires.
You can also be a member of elite class of society.
You can live in abundance and riches.
You can also make a big fortune
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