Friday, 3 March 2017

Does Lack of Sleep at Night Make Your Days Miserable?

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The real solution may be as simple as one wrong decision you have made – one decision that leads you to many discomforts and ailments.

 You have trouble concentrating? Feel exhausted all the time? And worry that you may make blunders in your job or worse still on the road while you drive?

Dear Reader,

 Rebecca frequently complained to her colleagues about her sleepiness, almost every day. She always remained tired and sad. Some of her colleagues felt annoyed that she has nothing to say except her sleepiness. Some sympathized with her but without any solution. She always remained absent minded, lethargic, lazy and flabby the whole day. She often reached office late.
She made mistakes in her daily work and boss often reprimanded her. She neither herself nor her doctor could find any solution to this problem. She felt terrible and often thought of leaving her job.
But one day one of her colleagues doubted that perhaps the solution of Rebecca’s problem was her mattress on which she sleeps. The friend suggested her to change the mattress.
Rebecca without any Problem changed her mattress and now she is wonderful. She reaches office in time. She is alert and happy. She doesn’t make mistakes in her office work and is always present minded. Boss is also happy and praises her often.
Mattress plays a pivotal role in providing you sound sleep and like Rebecca when you get up early in the morning, after enjoying a sound sleep, you feel rested, refreshed and ready for the next day with zeal and enthusiasm.
It also can happen to you. Your eyes can pop open at 2 or 3 am and try as you might, you just can’t fall back asleep. May it be the reason that your mattress, on which you sleep are not good. 

Sound Sleep is Your Birth Right

If you don’t have any worry, diseases or tension you should fall asleep within half an hour after going to bed. And the role of mattress on which you sleep is very significant. So always choose a good quality mattress.