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Approved And Tested Amazing Discovery for diabetes. Try It Now...

Sample sales letter:


(We put the power of health directly into the hands of the people who need it most. It is proving a panacea. )

Alarming: William text book of endocriminology estimated that in 2013, 382 million people, throughout the world, were suffering from diabetes.
Researchers from Imperial College, London reported in a journal “Diabetology” that drinking just one can (non-diet) soda per day can raise the risk of type 2 diabetes.


United States approximately have 33 million diabetic patients of which 90% suffer from type2 diabetes. 
As per the findings of the study, called, SITE (Screening India’s Twin Epidemics) in India, one of every five Indian adults suffer from hypertension but also diabetes.
Diabetes is spreading like an epidemic and is considered a slow poison.
As per vision gain, an innovative independent media company in London:
Diabetes drug market will reach a $55.3 billion mark in 2017.
Anti-diabetic medicines industry generated $35.6 billion in 2012.
Global insulin sales are now $15.4 billion annually, increasing 400% since the beginning of 2000.
Dear diabetic friend,

Do you feel thirst most of the time?
Fatigue the whole day?
Have frequent urination?
And suffering from erectile dysfunction, if you are a man?
If yes
You are sure suffering from diabetes-the most silent killer diseases of these days.
The risk of cardiovascular and kidney diseases are much for a diabetic.


You go anywhere in the world, same type of medicines are prescribed for diabetes. You keep on serving and the diabetes remains under control but as soon as you leave, you again start suffering.
There is no permanent cure for diabetes.
Do you know why?
Because diabetes industry is a multimillion dollar industry, the big pharmaceutical companies are not keen to finding a permanent cure to diabetes.
They want to keep it as it is.
They want to keep you suffering from diabetes.
As per a saying, “there is more money in the treatment of a disease, than in its cure.”


Kelly close of “Close Concerns” has analyzed the diabetic industry and found that the pharmaceutical companies have “hidden” the cure so that they could profit more and more from insulin, blood strips and other related supplies.
Shocking: United Healthcare estimates that over the next decade the United States (alone) will spend $3.4 trillion in costs related to diabetes.
Big manufacturers of insulin are Novo Nordisk, Sanofi-Aventis and ELI Lilly.
Why these big pharmaceutical companies will lose their huge profits, finding a permanent cure to diabetes?
Think about it.

It improves quality of your life
Helps reduce drug dependency
Prevents complications of kidney and heart
Reduces fluctuation 
It has been proving effective in reducing and controlling sugar level and improving metabolism.
Cow’s Urine Therapy is centuries old and this secret had been used by gods and saints and sages – now revealed.
It remained forgotten for general use for a long time BUT WE HAVE RESEARCHED AND ESTABLISHED IT AGAIN.

Name of disease No. of patients   Average age of patient Average duration of disease    Average                                                                                                                                             Time of relief
 Diabetes Mellitus   190                      52.65 yrs.             5.43 yrs.                   7.9 months  

A study was conducted on 140 males and 50 females which showed improvement on an average to 85%.
The main cause of diabetes is that the pancreas – a small organ in our body – stops generating insulin which absorbs sugar in the blood. 
When sugar is not absorbed, it shows exceeded level in the blood. 
Diabetes is described as a metabolic disorder in which the body cannot properly store and use the energy found in food. It affects body’s ability to use glucose.

Attacks the basic cause of diabetes that’s functioning of pancreas.
Lowers concentration of glucose in your blood
Relieves stress and hypertension caused by diabetes
Helps reduce Hyperlipidaemia in patients
Is antioxidants and immune stimulator
Helps avoid damage to the liver
Helps in protecting and improving neuropsychological functions

 Anil Kumar Joshi Diabetic Patient
I was diagnosed with sugar problem four to five years back. I had allopathic treatment for some time, but it refused to respond satisfactorily. Then I resorted to Jain’s Cow Urine Therapy & immensely gained. My sugar level, as I found out after examinations, is now under control.

 Krishna Sharma Diabetic Patient
I was diabetic & used to live on insulin. I started Cow Urine Therapy and in three months of treatment i have started seeing improvements & My dependency on insulin had started reducing.

Saints and sages are heard to have Go-mutra (Cow’s Urine) and lived a long life.
India’s late Prime Minister Sh. Morarji Desai used urine therapy and lived up to 100 years.


It is, because most medicines are not manufactured with the intention to cure diabetes. 
They lack mostly one main ingredient that they don’t cure the root cause but the blood in reducing glucose. 
Root cause is never cured by the medicines. These products fail in 3 important ways:
They don’t fight the #1 cause of diabetes i.e. the repair of pancreas.
They don’t attack and squeeze the pancreas for production of sufficient insulin and to make the body to use the sugar.
They don’t eliminate emotional stress, which leads to affect pancreas.

Researchers say, “You go to any pharmacy in the world and find tons of these things…but they don’t work.
That’s why …
We decided enough is enough. 
We decided to tackle the disease in a whole new way…
We have conducted several studies on the herbals proving their efficacy in treatment of diabetes along with Cow Urine.
We have researched and established the Cow Urine to have pharmacological activities.


“CCRAS, research wing of AYUSH (Govt. of India) has researched on herbs for its anti-diabetic properties as per modern science. The herbal extracts which have established Anti-diabetic, Hypoglycemic, Hypotensive, Antioxidant, Anti-stress etc. pharmacological activities are processed with cow urine in ultra modern Ayurveda pharmaceutical industry to manufacture capsule, syrups, pak etc.”
“Cow urine has been researched and patented for its ability to improve efficacy and absorption of drugs of modern medicine (allopathic) and herbal extract.”
Medical Review:” Various diabetic patients who were dependent on modern medicines, with increasing sugar levels and complications with time were treated by Ayurvedic Jain’s Cow Urine Therapy. Patients of diabetes with dependency on allopath medicines improved and the dosage start reducing in 2-3 months of treatment. In 80% of cases the symptoms got controlled and complications start reducing in 4-6 months.”
Scientific facts: 
“(US patent # 6410059): Cow Urine is scientifically proven to enhance the anti-microbial effects of antibiotic and antifungal agents. The invention relates to a novel use of Cow Urine as activity enhancer and availability facilitator for bioactive molecules, including anti-infective agents. The invention has direct implication in drastically reducing the dosage of antibiotics, drugs and anti-infective agent while increasing the efficiency of absorption of bio-active molecules, thereby reducing the cost of treatment and also the side-effects due to toxicity.”
“(US patent # 6896907, #7235262): Use of bioactive fraction from Cow Urine as a bio-enhancer of anti-infective, anti-cancer agents and nutrients. The invention relates to a novel pharmaceutical composition comprising an effective amount of bio-active fraction from Cow Urine as a bioavailability facilitator and pharmaceutically acceptable additives selected from anticancer compounds, antibiotics, drugs, therapeutic and nutraceutic agents, ions and similar molecules which are targeted to the living systems.”

 Mukesh Diabetic Patient
In 200, I discovered that I was a diabetic. I resorted to Cow Urine therapy and took the treatment for two years. It is a very good and beneficial therapy. My Sugar levels are now under complete control.

Ajay Kumar Nigam Diabetic Patient
My father, diabetic patient, used to take insulin of 15 to 20 units. As a result of Cow Urine Therapy, the sugar level has reduced and the insulin in-take dosage is reduced to 3 units.


Diabetes – mellitus, Diabetes-type1, Diabetes-type 2, Diabetes-gestational, Diabetes-pre, Diabetic conditions, Diabetes-hypertensive, Diabetic retinopathy, Diabetic neuropathy, Diabetic nephropathy (kidney failure, Diabetes with heart disease

This is particular for those who don’t take diabetes seriously and don’t control. 
We know, most of the patients have no control on their taste buds. 
They eat vigorously and after, take more than one tablet, which proves fatal. 
The chemicals in the tablets affect directly the kidneys. 
Our “Cow’s Urine” Therapy saves kidney failure.


Cow urine has amazing germicidal powers to kill varieties of germs. It destroys all germs thus saves you from many diseases
It is a fact that all diseases begin from low fire i.e. digestive system. If fire is strong, diseases won’t occur. Cow urine keeps the fire strong.
Cow urine provides immunity and so attack of diseases is repulsed.
Cow urine is anti-toxin.
It provides mode of goodness. It helps to perform good activities of mind-thus protects from diseases.
Excessive use of medicines leaves some residue in the body. Cow urine helps remove dangerous effects of such residue which eliminates chances of diseases by the poison of such residue.
Cow urine gives strength to brain and heart.
It compensates for bodily mineral deficiency. Cow urine contains many minerals like Copper, Gold salt etc.
Many nutrients from the body flush out with urine. Cow urine comprises lf all such nutrients and the deficiency of nutrients is fulfilled by taking it.
It has the power to balance three faults, mucous, bile and air- in the body thus prevents diseases.
Many electric rays, present in the atmosphere, keep our body healthy. Cow urine has copper and we get these rays through copper to keep our body healthy.
Cow urine corrects liver functioning.

1 Sulpher             Supports motion in large intestines. Cleans blood   
2 Amonia                Stabilizes mucous, bile and air in the body.   
3 Copper                Controls unwanted fats   
4 Nitrogen                 Removes blood abnormalities and toxins, Naturally stimulant of urinary                                                 track   
5 Iron Fe                Maintains balance and helps in production of red cells and hemoglobin   
6 Urea Co(NH2) Activates kidneys and it is diuretic   
7 Uric Acid        Removes heart swelling or inflammation   
8 Sodium Na        Purifies blood   
9 Phosphate       Helps remove stones from urinary tract   
10 Potassium K       Cures hereditary rheumatism. Increases appetite, removes muscular weakness and laziness   
11 Manganese       Germicidal, stops growth of germs   
12 Calcium                 Blood purifier, bone strengthener, germicidal   
13 Carbolic acid      Germicidal   
14 Salt NaC                Decreases acidic contents of blood   
15 Vitamins               A,B,C,D,E   
16 Lactose               Removes thirst and nervousness, strengthens heart   
17 Water             It is life giver. Maintains body temperature   
18 enzymes           Make healthy digestive juices   
19 Hipuric Acid      Removes toxins through urine   
20 Creatinin             Germicidal   
21 Aurum Hydroxide    Highly antibiotic and anti toxic, germicidal, increases immunity   
22 Other minerals  Increase immunity  

It is a DNA Protector as China has granted the distillation on patent.
We have treated I million plus patients
Cow is a mobile medical dispensary
Cow is the temple to 330 million gods.


You can take it with allopathic medicines or insulin.
It helps prevent damage to other organs like heart and kidney
Not expensive as compared to allopathic treatment
No hospitalization.
The diabetic treatment can be had from home.
Mahabharata says, “One should never feel and repugnance for the urine and the dung of the cow.”
There is a mention of Gomutra in chark samhita (1st-2nd century) as an ayurvedic medicine.
Even the Department of Animal Husbandry of the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, has published reports that seek to promote the marketing of cow’s urine as a therapeutic agent.

  Suramal Jain Diabetic Patient
I had sugar for three years. I started taking Dibex syrup and Dibecur capsules course. Since then my sugar has started reducing.

Other benefits of cow urine

It increases haemoglobin
Increases weight, if you are less weight
Prevents fluctuations in diabetes
Increases appetite
Help reduce inflammation in cancer patients
It cures asthma.
Boosts immune system

Other Miracle nutrients and ingredients (numbering 32) like gurmar, karela, jamungiri, giloy, vijaysar, vidhara, shilajit and many more have been combined with the gomutra to eliminate diabetes.
Giloy, vidhara, shilajit help keep your general health good.

Diabecur (capsules) and dibex (syrup)
Cure diabetes

Add sweetness to your life again…

PS:  Jain’s Cow Urine Therapy is a wonderful invention which not only reduces, controls and eliminates diabetes but also provides a lot of benefits to the patients. It is proving a “Miracle” in treatment of diabetes, cancer, and many more diseases. 
PPS: We put the power of health directly into the hands of the people who need it most. It is proving a panacea. 

Marketing Manager

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